Month: January 2018


January 22, 2018

After spotting a photo of actress Famke Janssen riding a bike in a floral frock and red ballet flats, we were stunned at how perfectly ladylike — and comfortable — the star looked. Our idea of bicycle attire has always been limited to T-shirts, shorts and sneakers. But alas, there’s no reason to sacrifice our feminine style […]

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All You Need to Know About Planning Your First Australian Tour

January 12, 2018

Accommodation: Hostels cost around $20 – $35 USD per night to book a dorm room.  If you are looking for double bed with shared bathroom in a private room, then it will range from $65-$100 USD per night. Budget hotels usually charge $80 USD for a double room and it will include TV, private bathroom and […]

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Enjoy Your Cultural Tour of Nepal on Vacations

January 3, 2018

Nepal is based on the Abode of Snow: The Himalayas. The mountain kingdom has unique good reputation for never being ruled with a foreign ruler or imperialist power although each of its neighbors China and india possess a lengthy good reputation for being covered with foreign rule because the late medieval occasions. This factor has […]

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