Month: February 2018

A Visit to Santorini: A Greek Island Straight Out of a Postcard

February 28, 2018

Santorini is by far the most famous of Cyclades Islands, which were formed by massive volcanic eruptions. The way it has come up is a living proof of the fact that magic does happen amidst chaos. This island is so beautiful that nearly 1.5 million visitors come here every year making it one of the […]

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Book AirAsia Flights to Bali at the Lowest Fare

February 7, 2018

Southeast Asia is the perfect holiday destination for tourists in Asia and other continents. Countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are the most dominant tourist destinations. Among these, Bali is an emerging tourist destination, which is located in Indonesia. These destinations are cost effective as well as affordable for tourists from all across the […]

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