Month: March 2018

Why Black Diamonds Are Growing In Popularity

March 27, 2018

Of course all women love diamonds, in particular the black diamonds. The popularity of the bold chic diamond has continuously increased among women.Although the popularity of these diamonds has increased dramatically in the past few years, they’re still much less common than their clear counterpart. This is for a number of reasons which will be […]

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March 22, 2018

Summer’s hoving into view, and for those of you that get to work on two wheels this poses two big questions. Are there any cycling clothes tough enough to survive the season? And is any of it remotely stylish? The good news is that we’ve unearthed a selection of the best in-the-office/on-the-bike clothes that’ll keep you in […]

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Best Destinations for Europe Travellers

March 17, 2018

Traveller taxes have never been a popular concept among the tourists, but still they have been in use for a long time now to boost the treasure boxes of the local government. However, in what way do the proposed taxes by the Balearic Islands’ government compare to the other kinds of taxes in other European tourist […]

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