6 Underrated places to visit in Costa Rica

tourist attractions in costa rica

Majority of people like travelling! While some like the sea and beaches, some people are big fans of the steep hills and mountains. Whatever the occasion, one can never go wrong with the beautiful paradise that is Costa Rica. While the majority of the travellers and tourists tend to stick to the mainstream places and cities, it is always best to stick out of the crowd and visit the places that not many would think of. That is where you gain the experience you talk about. So, take a pen and paper and book the flights and one of the best Costa Rica vacation rentals and you are sorted.

tourist attractions in costa rica

In this article, we are going to be talking about and discussing the 6 beautiful underrated places in Costa Rica that not many people are even aware of.

Playa Flamingo

If you are a beach lover, this is the perfect option for you to look into. Located north of Tamarindo in Guanacaste, this beach is completely made up of the beautiful white sand crescent and is an ideal spot for swimming, arranging a picnic and just simply sitting down sunbathing.

It also sports a luxurious array of amazing hotels and vacation rentals along with renowned restaurants where you can get a taste of the authentic Costa Rican cuisine. It is also accessible for the travellers who want to indulge in some deep sea fishing, yoga, and paddleboarding or even the scenic sunset sailing tours.

Palmar Sur

If you are a nature lover, who loves adventure and venturing into the deep clefts of environment and forests and deep islands, Palmar Sur is the ideal option for you to take a look at. It is a small inland town that is located on the Sierpe River which is situated in the Southwest region of Costa Rica.

tourist attractions in costa rica

The extraordinary thing about this place is its wide range of wildlife and habitat. Because of the kind of indulgent place that it is, it is gradually cramping more and more tourist attraction which has paved way for the luxury hotels and vacation rentals apart from the affordable backpacker accommodations. If you are planning on continuing down to the Osa Peninsula, make sure that you must visit this small inland island.


Considered as one of the most beautiful, quaint and picturesque towns in Costa Rica, Zacero is located on the path towards Arenal when you travel from San José. It is with a wide range of steep hills, coffee farms, dense and green forests and last but not the least, a vivid range of sugar cane plantations.

If you want to experience much timid weather yet somewhat of a cooler one, this is the place to visit. When there, make sure to absolutely not miss out on visiting the Topiary Garden which is home to over 120 hedge sculptures and archways. Yet another attraction includes the plant sculptures of a number of animals.

San Isidro de El General

If festivities and carnivals and such are your things, the San Isidro de El General is definitely one of those towns in Costa Rica you just can’t miss out on. It proudly hosts a number of festivals, one of which being the Fiesta Civica which is known all over the world for its bullfighting, live music, and several other events.

tourist attractions in costa rica

Not just that, San Isidro de El General is also one of the best places for people who are interested in birds and like bird watching. If you are a bird lover and enthusiast, the word quetzal won’t be something new to you. Well, this colourful and beautiful variant of the bird is found in this town. It is also home to several hiking trails where you can go exploring and have the time of your life.


Much like its festivals, food, and culture, Costa Rica is also very famous for its art and handicrafts which is what you can get in its rawest forms in Sarchí. It is famous globally primarily because of its crafts and the painted oxcart wheels. If you are looking for authentic crafts at a reasonable price, this is the place you need to indulge in.

If photography is something you are passionate about, this place can make you stay back forever because of the amazing scenic beauty and vibrant and bright colours. The additional bonus is the amazing view of the Central Valley.

Playa Chiquita

Now, we started off with a beach but what if we mentioned an amazing beach town and that too in Costa Rica? Located just 5 miles away from the town of Puerto Viejo, this quaint yet beautiful beach town is perfect for couples who want a quick escape from the stressful life or even if they are looking for a place for their honeymoon.

tourist attractions in costa rica

It is also home to a number of tropical forest lands and national parks which you can also visit and take a stroll through. Spend your days sunbathing or soaking in the pool amidst the beautiful beach surrounded by palm trees.

Costa Rica is a sight for the sore eyes. While many will often stick to the common places of tourist attractions in costa rica, these above mentioned places are not that visited, which makes it perfect if you are looking for a beautiful yet quiet place to visit. Stop and plan and book the tickets beforehand, primarily because, the ticket fares and hotel prizes won’t be easy on your pocket if you book it at the last moment.

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